Scope of Activities

Eagle’s vast range of activities includes situation inspection &amp analysis, advice to clients, custom-tailored solutions, organization, development, integration and implementation of government, civil, military, political and private security projects, such as:

    Maritime projects and consulting

    1. International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS)
    1.1 Port security
    1.2 Port security Planning
    1.3 Risk assessment
    1.4 Port security Technology ( Access Control, CCTV, C&C Systems)
    1.5 VTS system
    1.6 Training and Exercises

    2. Search and Rescue (SAR)
    2.1 Maritime Consulting
    2.2 MRCC, planning and implementation
    2.3 GMDSS
    2.4 Command and control systems

    3. Navy & Coast Guard
    3.1 Maritime dominance
    3.2 Maritime surveillance
    3.3 Coastal defense array
    3.4 Multi layers command and control system
    3.5 Maritime simulator for ships, air assets, commanders and decision makers
    3.6 Intelligence, Internet & Cyber Security for maritime sector

    4. Fishing
    4.1 Fishing boat transponders for 24/7 tracking
    4.2 Command and control system for fishery management
    4.3 Fishery area algorithm control
    4.4 Fishery licenses management

    5. Past experience
    5.1 Eagle’s experts have undertaken and performed a wide range of successful security & defense projects, amongst the following:
    5.2 Conducting a study in ports to examine the port readiness for ISPS cod and submission of a detailed report addressing the deficiencies
    5.3 Inspection in the ports and providing full assessment to the port authorities as part of the port’s preparation to the US Coast Guard inspection
    5.4 Planning full program for ISPS include technology systems
    5.5 Conducting a study in the ports for the integration of SAR systems
    5.6 Installation of a SAR command and control system in the Port and Maritime Authority office
    5.7 SAR training for appropriate personnel
    5.8 Installation of maritime simulator
    5.9 Conducting an analysis of vessel traffic and maritime activities, in the EEZ of Madagascar by Satellite Data including AIS, SAR imaging and Sat images

    Following successful implementation of its projects, Eagle continues to provide the essential operation, maintenance and support services, which are integral components of the security solutions and their proper, safe and efficient operation.