CEO, R Admiral Avi Arzoni (ret.)

Eagle’s CEO, R Admiral Avi Arzoni (ret.), who served for many years in Admiralty positions in the Israeli Navy, climbing the ranks to Rear Admiral and accumulating vast and incomparable skills in maritime security, defense, technology and leadership whilst command on battle ships, squadron, and the Navy flotilla. R Admiral Arzoni spend years securing and guarding Israel’s Mediterranean coastline, command SAR (search and rescue) operations, international exercises and secure strategic infrastructure. His extensive experience accumulated over the years serves him for the past year in the private sector as an Expert in the Maritime field.

Our military and intelligence personnel, such as Brigadier General (ret.) Arie Tesler, have extensive experience in applying systematic management, creative initiatives and methodological approaches to achieve unmatched results which are evident in Eagle’s successfully executed and efficiently implemented projects, services and products, both in Africa and other developing countries. This approach has become an essential element of Eagle’s ethical, corporate and commercial culture.


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